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Shopping in our store is really very simple. Just:

Individual customers

1. Register by clicking on the "Create an account" option in the upper right corner of the page. You should enter your address data there and choose the type of document confirming the sale of: receipt or invoice. In the case of invoices, additional data should be provided.
You make purchases after logging in.

2. Choose the products you want to buy and add them to the basket. There, the products selected by you will be remembered so that you can continue to "navigate" the store.

3. After selecting the products, select "Basket" from the top menu, review the list of added products, then click "Perform order", which will allow you to proceed to the next stage of the order.

4. Select the payment and shipping method, then click "Proceed to order fulfillment".

5. The next step is to confirm the order. If everything is correct, click "Confirm the order", if not - you can change the order or data for shipment via the "Edit" option.

After confirming the order, a summary of the order will be displayed, which will make it easier for you to make a payment (amount to be paid, order number and account number - if you have chosen this form of payment). You will also receive a summary mail containing the same data.
If in doubt, please contact our office: rootsdecorpl@gmail.com or 793-361-341

Wholesale customers

In order to place an Order by a wholesale customer:

    log in to the Store
    To inform us by e-mail or by phone about registration, and the desire to purchase a larger quantity, it is necessary to have registered activity.
    After prior contact, we manually award the status of a wholesaler, after the change the retail prices change into wholesale prices. The first wholesale order must consist of a minimum of 5 pieces.
   Click the "Order and pay" button and confirm the order by clicking the link sent in the email,
    Choose one of the available methods of payment and depending on the method of payment, pay for the order within a specified period, subject to § 8 point 3.
The delivery method for larger orders over 8 items is priced individually, everything depends on the size of the ordered compositions. Larger quantities mean pallet shipping. We're mainly talking about glass on the roots. Their sizes vary, so we must estimate what form of shipping we can offer.
For picking orders, you accept the obligation to pay and receive such a shipment.